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Recorded Lectures and Handouts
48th Annual Symposium on Sports Medicine
January 22-24, 2021

We will continue to update the handouts as they become available.

Financial Disclosure

As an ACCME-accredited CME provider, the UT Health San Antonio School of Medicine must ensure that its CME activities are independent of the control of commercial interests. All speakers and planning committee members for UTHSCSA sponsored programs are expected to disclose (prior to the activity) all "relevant financial relationships" as financial relationships in any amount occurring within the past 12 months that create a conflict of interest. ("Relevant" financial interest or other relationships can include such things as grant or research support, employees, consultants, major stockholders, members of speaker bureau, etc.) The UT Health San Antonio CME Office and Jesse C. DeLee, MD, course director and content reviewer for the 48th Annual Symposium on Sports Medicine, has reviewed all financial disclosure information for all speakers, facilitators, and planning committee members; and has determined and resolved all conflicts of interests. Dr. Jesse C. DeLee and Dr. Katherine Bartush do not have any relevant financial relationships with commercial interests to disclose.

The below individuals do not have any relevant financial relationships with any commercial interests to disclose.

Katherine Bartush, MD; Mark Casillas, MD; Christopher Chaput, MD; Marie Charpentier, PT; Jesse C. DeLee, MD; Fred G. Corley, MD; Rose Cortina, MD; Jeremy Dickerson, MD; Mayo J. Galindo, Jr., MD; Steven Gibbons, MD; Jorge E. Gomez, MD; Thomas Hand, MD; Peter Indelicato, MD; Margaret (Meg) Jacobs, PT; Philip Jacobs, MD; K.J. Kenneth-Nwosa, MD; Matthew Landrum, MD; Caitlyn Mooney, MD; Matthew Murray, MD; Rodolfo Navarro, MD; Susannah Payne, DDS; John C. Pearce, MD; Rajani Rajiv, MD; Randall Schultz, MD; John Seals, MD; Jennifer Swart, MD; K. Renee Thiebaud, PhD, PT; Brad S. Tolin, MD; Nik Turner, ATC; Pablo Vazquez-Seoane, MD; and Ian Whitney, MD.

The below individuals have disclosed a relevant financial relationships with any commercial interests to disclose. These identified financial relationships do not relate to the activity and do not pose a conflict of interest.

Travis Burns, MD has disclosed that he is a consultant for FX Medical and has received fees for Non-CME Services from Mitek.

Bernard Morrey, MD has disclosed that he is a consultant for Tenex Health and that he owns stock options for Tenex Health.

Day 1: Friday, January 22, 2021


The Pre-Participation Exam
Jeremy L. Dickerson, MD
Heat Illness
Kenneth O. Kenneth-Nwosa, MD
Dental and Facial Injuries
Susannah Payne, DDS
Sudden Cardiac Death
Jorge E. Gomez, MD
Injuries "That Are Not"
Rajiv Rajani, MD
Panel Discussion


Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
John R. Seals, MD
The Concussion Protocol
Caitlyn Mooney, MD
Cervical Spine Injury
Pablo Vazquez-Seoane, MD
Stingers and Burners
Travis Burns, MD
Lumbar Spine: Stress and Traumatic Lessions in The Adult
Christopher Chaput, MD
Panel Discussion
Day 2: Saturday, January 23, 2021
Welcoming Remarks
Jesse C. DeLee, MD


Moderator: Mark M. Casillas, MD
Syndesmosis Injuries: Are We Getting it Right?
Katherine Bartush, MD
Diagnosis and Treatment of Mild Foot Injuries
Rosa Cortina, MD
Achilles Tendon Issues in the Athlete
Mayo J. Galindo, Jr., MD
Compartment Syndrome in Athletes
Mark M. Casillas, MD
Lower Extremity Stress Fracture
Thomas Hand, MD
Panel Discussion


Moderator: Steven D. Gibbons, MD
Knee Injuries in the Inmature Athlete
Steven D. Gibbons, MD
Lumbar Spine Injuries in the Immature Athlete
Matt Landrum, MD
Foot and Ankle Injuries in the Immature Athlete
Steven D. Gibbons, MD
Panel Discussion


Moderator: Matthew Murray, MD
Examination of the Shoulder
Philip M. Jacobs, MD
Rotator Cuff & Slap Lesions
Michael Loeb, MD
AC, SC and Clavicle Injuries
Ian Whitney, MD
Shoulder Instability
Matthew Murray, MD
Common Hand Injuries in Athletes
Fred G. Corley, MD
Elbow Injury in Sports
Bernard Morrey, MD
Panel Discussion
Day 3: Sunday, January 24, 2021
Welcoming Remarks
Jesse C. DeLee, MD


Moderator: Jeremy Dickerson, MD
Hamstring and Quadriceps Injury
Jeremy Dickerson, MD
Hip Injuries in the Athlete
Travis Burns, MD
Lower Extremity Biomechanics and Rehabilitation
Marie Charpentier, PT
Nik Turner, ATC
Panel Discussion


Moderator: Jesse C. DeLee, MD
Knee Imaging
Jennifer E. Swart, MD
Meniscal Injury and Repair
John Pearce, MD
Please adjust your volume control for this talk. Thank you.
Collateral Ligament Injury
Peter Indelicato, MD
Biologics in Knee Surgery
Randall Schultz, MD
Patellofemoral Instability
Katherine Bartush, MD
Posterior Cruciate Ligament
Brad Tolin, MD
ACL Surgery: Current Update
Jesse C. DeLee, MD
Panel Discussion


Biomechanics in Rehabilitation
K. Renee Thiebaud, DPT
Meg Jacobs, PT
John R. Seals
Rodolfo Navarro, MD
Sports Medicine Care
Jesse C. DeLee, MD
Mark M. Casillas, MD
John Pearce, MD
Katherine Bartush, MD
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